Agriturismo Aiole

The Bed & Breakfast Rooms

N. 1 Room: 14,13 ㎡ - Bathroom: 2,80 ㎡

N. 2 Room: 15,60 ㎡ - Bathroom: 2,97 ㎡ - Other: 1,76 ㎡

N. 3 Room: 18,48 ㎡ - Bathroom: 3,48 ㎡ - Other: 2,16 ㎡

N. 4 Room: 17,15 ㎡ - Bathroom: 5,84 ㎡ - Other: 1,80 ㎡

N. 5 Room: 12,44 ㎡ - Bathroom: 4,40 ㎡ - Other: 2,42 ㎡

N. 6 Room: 19,34 ㎡ - Bathroom: 5,63 ㎡ - Other: 2,30 ㎡

This formula is for your bed and breakfast stay when you use one bedroom with one double bed and a private bathroom. There is also the possibility with some bedrooms to add an additional bed. The use of the kitchen is not normally possible but, in certain cases, depending on availability, it may be possible for us to arrange the use of the kitchen. Your stay includes breakfast, which is included in your price.

Apartment "AIOLE" Rent

This rental formula includes utilising all 6 bedrooms and relative services, the living room, the kitchen, the open areas surrounding the farm and in the summer, the swimming pool. This formula is available for a maximum of 12 people using all of the rooms independent of our home (but inside the same building) in which you can live in complete autonomy. The kitchen is completely furnished with everything you need for the preparation and eating of meals. With this apartment formula, we do not offer breakfast as a daily service, which you can make by yourself, and please note that bathroom and bed linen are changed at the end of each week.

Apartment 6 rooms

Apartment 4 rooms

This rental formula is the same as above, but limited to only 4 bedrooms.